Embracing The Darkness

Embracing The Darkness

As our cities grow bigger and brighter, it's now much harder for us to enjoy stargazing. However, some places have started to preserve a diminishing resource: darkness.


A Liking For "Korean Stuffs"

A Liking For “Korean Stuff”

My friend said that people who like to watch Korean stars have problems in their brains. I was very upset. I went home and asked my father.

我的朋友说,喜欢看韩国明星的人都脑子有问题。他们扮演演得不好,他们唱歌唱得不好,他们跳舞也跳得不好。为什么会有人喜欢他们呢? ...

Chinese Idiom Story - Jing Gong Zhi Niao

Chinese Idiom Story – Jing Gong Zhi Niao

This idiom originally means "a bird startled by the mere twang of a bow-string". It is now used to describe a badly frightened person (due to past bad experiences).


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