Chinese Idiom Story - Lan Yu Chong Shu

Chinese Idiom Story – Lan Yu Chong Shu

The idiom 濫竽充數 revolves around a story where a person, who is unable to play 竽 ( a kind of traditional musical instrument) but is able to join a 竽 musical team successfully.

古时候,齐国的国王很喜欢听音乐,尤其喜欢听吹竽。他现在有300个会吹竽的乐师。国王喜欢热闹,所以每次听吹竽的时候,总是叫这不到300个人在一起合奏给他听。 ...

Musical Thatre

Musical Theatre

A mini-essay describing the beauty of musical theatre. Some of the vocabularies used here will be related to sound, performances, and stage play. Please enjoy!


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