About CRG

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– Our Mission –

To provide Chinese reading materials suitable for learners at any level.

– The Story –

“I envy you that you can still continue studying Chinese here. I will be returning to my home country soon, and I guess my Chinese skill will deteriorate”

These words from my fellow friend really got me thinking. She’s a student in a Chinese language center in Taiwan, and now returning to her home country, continuing the next part of her life. I then started thinking, if our hard-earned Chinese skill will disintegrate, isn’t it a pity?

Therefore, I created this site, Chinese Readers’ Guild (CRG), a guild consisted of anyone who wants to improve their Chinese skill. A “guild” means “an association of people for the pursuit of a common goal”. You and I have a common goal here: to preserve, and to improve our Chinese skill.

This site doesn’t exist to teach you Chinese from zero – there are plenty of sites out there that are more suitable for doing that. However, the reading materials and study resources here might help you preserve, or better, improve your Chinese literary skills.

– The Chinese Reading Materials –

The Chinese reading materials in CRG, unless stated otherwise, are written by me. But fear not, all the writings here have been proofread by native speakers, and I do not post anything without checking it several times.

– The Translation –

I will always try to do a word-for-word translation for the Chinese writing, but if the translation makes the English read awkwardly, then I will rearrange them into a more appropriate and easy-to-read English. The beauty of English and Chinese are different, and I don’t want to make one of them looks ugly.

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