The Rise Of Game Development Education

Gaming Is Not A Waste Of Time Anymore – The Rise Of Game Development Education

With the advent of mobile gaming and improvement on these games, gaming has become a viable form of entertainment not only for kids but also for players from all backgrounds and ages. How the market reacts to this?

以前,只要一提到玩电脑游戏,立即会被妈妈念啊念。如今,随着 PC、手机 App、网路的普及化,游戏设计已经成为一个快速发展的巨大产业,市场对游戏设计者的需求也日益增大。越来越多喜欢游戏的人从玩家变成游戏创造者。 ...

Should We Keep Anonymity on the Internet

Should we keep anonymity on the internet?

In this era, it is not difficult to express own opinions, especially the anonymous comments. You can speak anything you like, without taking any responsibility for the words you speak. What are your opinions regarding anonymity?


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