Xiaolin’s Parttime Experience

Xiaolins Parttime Experience

This time, Xiaolin wants to share his first parttime experience. He will tell us his working place, working time, and also his feeling towards his experience.

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English Translation:

Wow! It's a month already I am working in a pub. In fact, I don't really like to work in a pub, because it is very tiring. However the money given by the pub is really good, therefore it is better for me to work hard a little bit.

Today, I used my first parttime salary to treat my friends. All three of my good friends are coming. However, I only treat them with a can of Coke. It is very few, indeed, but I don't want to use all of my money.

We talked about our working experience. I feel that my working experience is the hardest, so I am starting first. My working hours are every Wednesday and Saturday, from 8 to 12 o'clock. It sounds quite relaxed, and it only takes 8 hours of work in total every week. However, during this time, the guests are really many. Plus, I don't have any experience, so I always get flustered.

My boss is also very stingy. I once broke the cup, he not only deducted my money but also yelled at me. Ah... so tiring. No wonder, my roommate said that every time I went back from work to the dormitory, I fell asleep as soon as I lay down.

I thought that my high school life has been very hard already, and now I know, this IS hard work.

Special notes:

  • 打工 - dǎgōng - parttime
  • 可樂 - kělè - Cola (drink)
  • 經驗 - jīngyàn - experience
  • 辛苦 - xīnkǔ- hard, work hard
  • 蠻 - mán - quite
  • 時段 - shíduàn - time slot
  • 手忙腳亂 - shǒumángjiǎoluàn - in a hurried, get flustered
  • 老闆 - lǎobǎn - boss
  • 小氣 - xiǎoqì - stingy
  • 睡著 - shuìzhao - fall asleep

Photo by Taylor Davidson on Unsplash

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