Should Euthanasia be Legalized?

Should Euthanasia be Legalized

Euthanasia is a very controversial issue, with each side having a solid believing in it. Do you think euthanasia should be legalized?

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生命的存亡是自己的生活权利。若你已经被疾病打得死去活来很久了 - 插着鼻导管,躺在病床上,无法办任何事 - 你还想要继续渡过你这样半死不活的生活吗?这种的生活或多或少已类似于没有生活了。再加上,如果医生评估过,病人也想走,有何不可?


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生命的存亡是自己的生活權利。若你已經被疾病打得死去活來很久了 - 插著鼻導管,躺在病床上,無法辦任何事 - 你還想要繼續渡過你這樣半死不活的生活嗎?這種的生活或多或少已類似於沒有生活了。再加上,如果醫生評估過,病人也想走,有何不可?



English translation:

Euthanasia is a very controversial issue. Whether if a person asks a doctor to practice a very happy death sentence, or if a relative asks the doctor to give up one's life and death struggle, each situation has its own arguments. I am more inclined to support euthanasia.

The survival and death of life is one's right in life. If you have been "killed" by the disease for a long time - with a nasal catheter, lying on the hospital bed, unable to do anything - do you still want to continue to live your "life"? This kind of life is more or less similar to no life. Plus, if the doctor has evaluated and the patient wants to pass away, why not?

However, if you euthanize others, this will be another case. Euthanasia has degrees of severity. Some vegetative people still have hope to recover from the state of plants, but some others are helpless. If there is still a ray of hope, I think we still have to struggle to the end. This is because vegetative people cannot express their will; if we do not do enough to assist him in facing his struggle, I think we are no different from murderers.

Special notes:

  • 安樂死 - ān lè sǐ - euthanasia
  • 死刑 - sǐ xíng - death penalty
  • 生死存亡 - shēng sǐ cún wáng - [idiom] life or death, survival or extinction
  • 各有各的 - gè yǒu gè de - each has its own
  • 死去活來 - sǐ qù huó lái - [idiom] only half alive
  • 鼻導管 - bí dǎo guǎn - nasal catheter
  • 病床 - bìng chuáng - sick bed
  • 半死不活 - bàn sǐ bù huó - [idiom] more dead than alive
  • 想走 - xiǎng zǒu - think to leave (or "leave")
  • 有何不可 - yǒu hé bù kě - why not?
  • 植物人 - zhí wù rén - vegetative person
  • 植物狀態 - zhí wù zhuàng tài - vegetative state (of a person)
  • 恢復 - huī fù - recover
  • 無可奈何 - wú kě nài hé - [idiom] helpless
  • 意志 - yì zhì - (noun) will

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