Should we keep anonymity on the internet?

Should We Keep Anonymity on the Internet

In this era, it is not difficult to express own opinions, especially the anonymous comments. You can speak anything you like, without taking any responsibility for the words you speak. What are your opinions regarding anonymity?

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I think it is still necessary to protect anonymity because some truths need to be spoken out anonymously. However, in the minds of some netizens, this anonymity is a good way for them not to be responsible for their own words, so false accusations, slanders, or gossips are possible to exist.

In fact, cyber-bullying is quite common. Unless you want to turn your country’s network environment similar to Mainland China, there is really no way to control such people. But I personally don’t think this to be a good solution at all; because of such strong state power, the freedom of speech in the Mainland China does not exist at all, resembling a bird in a cage.

Special notes:

  • 匿名性 – nìmíng xìng – anonymity
  • 網民 – wǎngmín – netizen
  • 留言 – liúyán – commentary, message
  • 指控 – zhǐkòng – accusation
  • 毀謗 – huǐbàng – slander
  • 八卦 – bāguà – gossip
  • 網路霸凌 – wǎng lùbà líng – cyberbullying
  • 網路環境 – wǎng lù huánjìng – network environment
  • 絲毫 – sīháo – at the slightest (used to describe a bad condition)
  • 籠中之鳥 – lóng zhōng zhī niǎo – a bird in a cage, person without freedom

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