Xiaolin Likes Vegetarian Foods

Xiaolin Likes Vegetarian Foods

This story talks about Xiaolin and his likings to vegetarian foods. After you finished reading the whole story, you will find out why he does not really like meat, and why he does not want to be a vegetarian either. This essay will cover some Chinese vocabularies related to foods.







English translation

Although some people are vegetarian because of religion, Xiaolin is different. Xiaolin was very interested in eating vegetarian foods since childhood. Even his parents felt that he was a bit strange. Their child is not a Buddhist. but why does he like vegetarian foods?

Xiaolin doesn't like meat, because some meat has a lot of bones, which annoy him very much. In Indonesia, a lot of dishes are eaten directly by using his own fingers. Xiaolin's habit is that if his hands are greasy, he has to wash his hands first before using the cutlery again, so for him, the bones are not suitable for his habits. In addition to this habit, the bony dishes do not let him eat with enjoyment. Bones are very dangerous things that can't be swallowed, so one needs to be very careful.

But Xiaolin still eats meat. Some meats have no bones. Also, he said that some of the nutrients that our body needs are hard to get from vegetables. Nutrition is the most important aspect for him. If nutrition is not enough, the body will be weak, easy to get sick, so he feels that vegetarian food is not very good.

Special notes:

  • 雖然 - suīrán - although
  • 吃素 - chīsù - vegetarian, eat vegetarian
  • 肉食 - ròushí - meat
  • 骨頭 - gǔtou - bone
  • 油膩 - yóunì - greasy, oily
  • 餐具 - cānjù - tableware, cutlery
  • 危險 - wéixiǎn - dangerous
  • 吞 - tūn - swallow
  • 營養 - yíngyǎng - nutrition
  • 蔬菜 - shūcài - vegetables

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