The Fluttering Snowflakes

The Fluttering Snowflakes

This is a heartwarming story about a teen who disliked his mother but then changed his mind after seeing a scene on the snow. This article's difficulty level is somewhere between intermediate and advanced, meaning that it may be quite challenging for the new intermediate level students.

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English translation:

Getting up in the morning, I opened the curtains, and a silvery world appeared in front of my eyes. As soon as I saw this white snow, I just wanted to rush out of the room and throw myself into this snow-white world.

Mother sent me out of the house and told me to be careful on the road. I only watched the snow scene, naturally dissatisfied with my mother's fuss, and said very coldly, "Go back, it's really annoying", letting my mother stand alone behind me for a long time.

"Mom, fast, pull me away!" There was an intimate cry coming to my ear.

I looked around and a young woman in the snow pulled the little girl behind her and smirked. Suddenly, the mother slipped and fell on the snow. I rushed to pick up her, but she ignored herself, and immediately raised the little daughter sitting on the ground. The daughter also sensibly brushed the snow off her mother’s hair and gently asked: "Mom, are you hurt?" The mother smiled so happily.

Looking at the figure of the mother and the daughter in the snowflake, I immediately remembered a similar scene ten years ago: At that time, I also brushed the snow off my mother, helped my mother to walk, and we both also laughed uncontrollably. But after ten years on the same snowy day, I only put my mother’s concern aside with my own interests. At the age of seventeen, I should understand the love of my parents for their children, because in their eyes I will always be a child who never grows up. I began to get uneasy and secretly blame myself.

Maybe the mother had just slammed very heavily, but this "Mom, are you hurt" one sentence said by her daughter has eliminated her pain. No matter how cold the outside world is, a warm feeling will still be able to well up in the heart. This is the most touching comfort in the world.

The snow flutters. I wiped my wet eyes and dragged my heavy footsteps home. I want to say to my parents, "Mom, dad, snowy roads are slippery, be careful!"

Special notes:

  • 張望 - zhāngwàng - look around
  • 笑個不停 - xiào gè bù tíng - to laugh nonstop

The photo is taken from here.  

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