Strolling The Taiwan Night Market

Strolling The Taiwan Night Market

Night markets and Taiwan are inseparable. They are an inherent part of the Taiwanese culture and you can find them in every single city in Taiwan.

This article is suitable for intermediate level. It has many vocabularies about Taiwan small dishes, and also a few idioms that are used to describe certain objects.

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English translation:

Yesterday night, our family went to the night market together. We only walked near the night market, but the delicious smell had wafted to us already. The stinky tofu, fried chicken cutlet, and also the sweet smell of red bean cake. Wow! I was almost drooling!

Every booth in the night market is crowded with guests. Some people are fishing goldfish (with a net), some are playing marbles, and we can hear constant streams and sighs from the ring tossing stalls. This night market is very lively.

We decided to eat Lu Rou Fan. The bright, light marinade was drenched on steamed white rice. The real fragrant of Lu Rou Fan and white rice, wafted at our nostrils, making people can not help but take a bite and another bite.

After dinner, we bought an egg cake and planned to go to eat snowflake ice, and take a walk.

On the way, several big-and-tall, blond foreigners attracted everyone’s attention. Surprisingly, they are eating stinky tofu! Dad said that many foreign tourists that come to Taiwan will definitely come to the night market to savor Taiwanese snacks, experiencing Taiwan’s exceptional culture. Now I know that the charm of the night market is so big!

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