A Record-Breaking Heat Wave Cooks Europe

A Record-Breaking Heat Wave Cooks Europe

An unusually intense heatwave has set new temperature records in some European countries.

This article is suitable for beginner level. It covers a few basic vocabularies about “weather” and also country names. The article is kept at the minimum as to not overwhelm the beginner reader. The unique word here is 「氣溫」, which means “temperature”, but is only used when speaking about the climate. The other unique sentence pattern is 「打破…記錄」which means “to broke a record”.

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English translation:

In the summer, we will feel hot. This weather can be dangerous. In 2003, more than 10,000 people died in France because the weather was too hot.

This year, the heat wave came to Europe again. There are fewer people died in France than in 2003, as only 5 people died.

This heat wave also broke the air temperature records of France, Germany, and Poland.

There is also a big fire in Spain, which people think is because the weather is too hot.

The government says people need to be careful not to bask in the sun often.

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