Secondhand Smoke

Secondhand Smoke

How does secondhand smoke affect human health? Is it as dangerous as “active smoking”? Therefore, there will be some Chinese vocabularies related to smoking here in this essay.

Some of the highlights are the idiom 有百害而無一利 and 損人不利己。The idiom 有百害而無一利 literally means “having hundreds of harm but no benefit”, so it can also mean “have no advantage whatsoever”. It is a little bit different with 損人不利己,where the latter focuses on “harming others while not benefiting oneself”.

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English translation:

Secondhand smoke is really a big problem! From a young age, our loved ones often remind us: “Smoking has a lot of harm but no benefit,” so we should not smoke. In particular, recent studies have found that even being near a smoker can also affect one’s health, because the smoke from cigarettes, and also the gas exhaled by smokers, are equally poisonous. This is called secondhand smoke or passive smoking.

The World Health Organization reports that at least 7 million people die each year from smoking habits. Surprisingly, one in ten deaths are the victims of secondhand smoke. It is already a problem to harm one’s own body. If one adds harm to others, I will even fight those people! I deeply feel that in order to reduce such behaviors that harm others, it is necessary to impose stricter punishment on those who smoke in public places.

Special notes:

  • 二手煙 – èrshǒu yān – secondhand smoke
  • 年幼 – nián yòu – young
  • 有百害而無一利 – yǒu bǎihài ér wú yī lì – [idiom] have no advantage in any way
  • 煙霧 – yānwù – gas
  • 呼出 – hūchū – exhale
  • 被動吸煙 – bèidòng xīyān – passive smoking
  • 世界衛生組織 – shìjiè wèishēng zǔzhī – World Health Organization (WHO)
  • 起碼 – qǐmǎ – at least, at minimum
  • 打抱不平 – dǎbàobùpíng – [idiom] to fight for justice
  • 損人不利己 – sǔn rén bù lìjǐ – [idiom] to harm others without benefiting oneself

Photo by Amritanshu Sikdar

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