Poor, but with Great Ambitions

poor but with great ambition

As the Chinese proverb 人窮志不窮, no matter how poor you are, you can still have two choices: to continue ambitionless, or with great ambitions to improve your life. Will you stay the same? Or working hard to change?

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English translation:

My parents often remind me: “It doesn’t matter if you are poor, but you must not give up on yourself.” Everyone’s fortune is different. Some people are born with gold spoons in their mouth, very wealthy, and do not need to worry about the basics; some people can’t even afford rice. This is not our sin, nor our parents’; the situation we were born with is simply destiny.

However, our destiny can still change. No matter how poor you are, you can still have two choices: to continue ambitionless, or with great ambitions. To change the financial condition, you have to rely on your ambition. If you are poor, you will need more ambition. Without ambition, no matter how intelligent or laborious you are, you cannot improve your destiny.

Fighting for wealth also has its own advantages. Because this kind of wealth is not so easy to come, it will especially make one cherish its own struggle. Some born rich people, because they have never borne hardships from childhood, and in addition spoiled by their parents, do not know how to cherish, how to manage, how to protect the wealth of the family. I feel that the situation of the born rich people who are finally losing their family fortune is quite common, and it always made people feel infinite sighs and regrets.

The common saying goes: “People can be poor, but their hearts cannot be poor.” Maybe we were born in a less than ideal situation, but we still have a chance to change our lives. As long as you have the ambition to decide your own destiny, why not?

Special notes:

  • 含着金湯匙出生 – hánzhe jīn tāngchí chūshēng – to born with a silver spoon (great wealth)
  • 傾家蕩產 – qīngjiādàngchǎn – losing the family fortune

The photo is taken from here. || Author: Herodian P.M. 

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