I Want to be a Bird

I want to be a bird photo

I want to be a bird, because a bird doesn't need to have an exam.

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English translation:

If someone asks me what I want to do most, I will tell him loudly that I want to be an ordinary bird.

Because the birds can live freely, pat the wings and fly to the blue sky, look at the sun, and touch the clouds.

I can sing as much as I like, and I can jump as much I like, I don’t need spectators, I don’t need listeners, I am entertaining myself, I don’t need to do an exam, I don’t have to be afraid getting bad scores in the exam.

I can also go anywhere you want, no need to take a car, no need to take a boat, no need to be afraid of a car accident, no need to be afraid of getting seasick, and also you don't have to buy a ticket!

How happy it is to be a bird!

Special notes:

  • 自娛自樂 - zì yú zì lè - entertaining oneself
  • 該 - gāi - must be

The photo is taken from here. || Author: unknown. 

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