Xiaolin Buys a Fan

Xiaolin buys a fan

One day, Xiaolin was going to play at the amusement park, and he needs a fan to withstand the hot weather, but it seems to be more appropriate to say that he's holding back anger...

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English translation:

One day, Xiaolin was going to play at the amusement park, he bought a ticket, and when he wanted to enter the amusement park, he remembered the weather is hot and he needed a fan. He looked around and found a stall selling fans.

There are a lot of fans hanging in the stall. Each fan has its price, most of them are ten dollars. Xiaolin suddenly sees the cheapest one among them that is only one dollar, but the fan has the sentence "Ask first before using" written on it. Xiaolin feels weird, but he is not willing to ask, thinking, it is a fan anyway, why bother to ask, and then buy that one-dollar fan.

In less than ten minutes, Xiaolin came out angrily and turned his temper to the man who sold the fan: "What kind of fan is this, it is broken in less than ten minutes!" The person who sold the fan replied: "Why don't you ask first, didn't I write "Ask first before using" at the fan? For the ten dollar fan, we don't move, and our hand moves the fan, but for the one dollar fan, the fan does not move, it is us."

After listening to the words, Xiaolin couldn’t answer a word.

Special notes:

  • 東張西望 - dōng zhāng xī wàng - to look in all directions
  • 怪怪的 - guài guài de - weird
  • 大發脾氣 - dà fā pí qì - to get very angry

The photo is taken from here. || Author: Chou Su Xin 

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