Be Careful When You Say “I like To Eat Tofu”

Be Careful When You Say "I like To Eat Tofu"

Do you know that in Chinese culture, the term "to eat tofu" has two different meanings?













English translation:

Tofu is really delicious. It’s both white and soft. Tofu also contains many types of nutrients, like protein, calcium, and so on. It’s delicious as well as healthy, if you have eaten tofu, I am sure that you like to eat tofu, just like me.

But you cannot randomly say that you “like to eat tofu”.

In addition to “eat real tofu”, the expression “to eat tofu” has another meaning. The other meaning is “to grope” or “to take advantage of someone”. This elegant euphemism is often used to describe sexual harassment towards women.

Why do we use tofu to describe women, then? The most simple explanation is because tofu is both white and soft. Many people consider women that are both white and soft beautiful, so using “tofu” to describe “women” is suitable.

However, this meaning of “eating tofu” is not very serious. If someone says to their partner: “I want to eat tofu”, the meaning is definitely not to sexually harass their partner, but ... (we don’t need to explain what might happen later).

If someone tells you “I want to eat your tofu”, how would you react?

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