Embracing The Darkness

Embracing The Darkness

As our cities grow bigger and brighter, it's now much harder for us to enjoy stargazing. However, some places have started to preserve a diminishing resource: darkness.

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这是银崖(Silver Cliff)的​​故事。银崖是美国科罗拉多(Colorado)的一座小镇。这座小镇花了10年推广当地的夜空,成功吸引很多人来欣赏满天星斗。




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這是銀崖(Silver Cliff)的故事。銀崖是美國科羅拉多(Colorado)的一座小鎮。這座小鎮花了10年推廣當地的夜空,成功吸引很多人來欣賞滿天星斗。


銀崖居民說 :「我們的祖先很幸運,可以看到滿天繁星和銀河。如今的都市裡,我們人類造成的光污染和空氣污染,掩蓋了我們祖先見過的璀璨星空。但銀崖是個很特別的地方,能夠欣賞到跟千年以前一樣的星空和銀河。」



English translation:

In the big city life, there are many things worth loving: people, transportation, night markets. But our cities lack one thing. It is there, it’s just that we cannot see it.

It’s the night sky.

This is the story of Silver Cliff. Silver Cliff is a small town in Colorado, USA. This little town spent 10 years to promote the local night sky, and managed to attract a lot of people to come and admire the sky of a thousand stars.

When night fell, the stargazer arrived one by one, racked up cameras and telescopes, preparing to enjoy this exceptional night. It’s hard to imagine that Silver Cliff was a mining town 10 years ago.

A resident of Silver Cliff says: “Our ancestors were lucky, they could see the starry sky and the Milky Way. In the big cities of today, we humans created light pollution and air pollution, that hides the bright starry sky our ancestors had seen. But Silver Cliff is a very special place, where you can enjoy the same starry sky and the same Milky Way as a thousand years ago.”

The resident of Silver Cliff continues: “The process wasn’t easy, we had to exchange all our street lights for new ones. We also had to find a way to make our residents cooperate and adjust their lighting.”

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