The Story of A Fish

The Story of A Fish

Where are my friends?

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English translation:

I’m a little fish. There are so many bubbles in the sea, that’s really fun. But I noticed that my friends are getting fewer and fewer.

Until one day I saw a weird thing floating on the surface of the sea. I was very curious, so I went to check. I noticed a lot of fish were also there. At the moment, we were discussing what this thing is. Not long after, a net came. All my friends were fished up. As it turns out, this thing is called a fish collector machine.

We were lying on the conveyor belt dying, starting to get separated. I wanted to run away, but I have no strength. In the air, my gills are of no use.

I saw a salmon mother whose body was pressed down by a human palm. A sharp knife cut her stomach open. The humans use their hands to take out the fish roe. The salmon mother shivered and struggled. But we are fish, we can’t scream, and we can’t cry; no one can understand our pain.

I am too small, I cannot be sold for a good price, so the humans separated me into the conveyor belt for garbage. But I cannot breathe normally anymore.

I’m a little fish, on the verge of suffocating, got thrown back into the ocean, back to the embrace of bubbles.

Oh, by the way, what about my friends?

The photo is taken from here.  

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