You Are Just a Substitute

You Are Just a Substitute

How does it feel like to be a substitute for a class captain? This article may give you insights the feeling of becoming a substitute.

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这天,刚好班长有事出去了,我只能跑上讲台,管好纪律。课室里乱哄哄的,谁也没有注意到我。我大声喊: 「全部回到自己的位置上,现在开始记名。」顿时,课室里静了一会儿,大部分同学都回到座位上了,只有少数同学把我的话当做耳旁风。

我怒了,把他们的名字登到黑板上去。他们问我「为什么登我名?」 我刚想回答,可是检查的人来了,我心平气和地对他们说道: 「检查的人来了,不许吵闹,不然可是要加作业的。」 他们立刻闭上嘴。唉,班长不好当啊!

检查人一走,他们又不管我的斥责,继续吵闹,然后跟我说: 「你生什么气啊?你只是个代替的。」 我转过身,眼泪在我的眼眶里打转。我没有跟他们说话了。



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這天,剛好班長有事出去了,我只能跑上講台,管好紀律。課室裡亂哄哄的,誰也沒有註意到我。我大聲喊: 「全部回到自己的位置上,現在開始記名。」頓時,課室裡靜了一會兒,大部分同學都回到座位上了,只有少數同學把我的話當做耳旁風。

我怒了,把他們的名字登到黑板上去。他們問我「為什麼登我名?」 我剛想回答,可是檢查的人來了,我心平氣和地對他們說道: 「檢查的人來了,不許吵鬧,不然可是要加作業的。」 他們立刻閉上嘴。唉,班長不好當啊!

檢查人一走,他們又不管我的斥責,繼續吵鬧,然後跟我說: 「你生什麼氣啊?你只是個代替的。」 我轉過身,眼淚在我的眼眶裡打轉。我沒有跟他們說話了。




English translation:

The class captain is the core of a class, needless to say, it is a powerful position. What can I do when the squad leader is absent? Only one student with good ability and good grades is able to replace that person. I am the class captain substitute. When the class captain was absent, the teacher always asked me to replace it, and I am also happy to do some work for the teacher.

On this day, the class captain had just left to do something, so I ran up to the podium to manage the class discipline. The classroom was disorderly and loud, no one was paying attention to me. I shouted: “All go back to your places, we’re going to call your name one by one.” Suddenly, the classroom was quiet for a while, and most of the classmates returned to their seats. Only a few students used my words as “the wind passing the ear”.

Being angry, I wrote their names on the blackboard. They asked me “Why are you writing my name?” I had just wanted to reply, but the class inspector arrived, and I said calmly to them: “The inspector has arrived, you must not be noisy, or else you’ll be assigned extra work.” They immediately shut their mouths. Ai, it is not fun being the class captain!

As soon as the classroom inspector left, they continued to make noises regardless of my reprimand, and then said to me: “Why are you angry? You are just a substitute.” I turned away, tears welling in my eyes. I did not talk to them anymore.

Finally, the class captain came back, and I stopped my “life as a substitute”

Ai, being a substitute is more troublesome than being the real thing.

The article is adopted from here, with several revision to suit the level of the reader. Photo is taken from here.   

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