Xiaolin’s Ideal Type of Girl

Xiaolin's type of girl

While not all girls are similar to Xiaolin's ideal type of girl, I do think this is a good essay example in describing a person's appearance. It covers some of the basic words in describing someone's stature and personality, while also adding some more complex "personalities".

The special highlight is the idiom 騎驢找馬. The literal meaning of this idiom is "to look for a horse while riding a donkey". It is usually used to describe people who look for better jobs while still working on current ones, but nowadays this idiom can also be used in relationships, too.

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可是,最重要的还是要看双方合不合得来。有些人,为了找到「比较好的对象」,就迁就目前的伴侣后就开始骑驴找马了。我们在这一生一世可能不会百分百实现理想 ;你目前的另一半,可能已经是你一辈子最好的礼物。因此,我们得要知足,互相体谅各人的优点和缺点。

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可是,最重要的還是要看雙方合不合得來。有些人,為了找到「比較好的對象」,就遷就目前的伴侶後就開始騎驢找馬了。我們在這一生一世可能不會百分百實現理想 ;你目前的另一半,可能已經是你一輩子最好的禮物。因此,我們得要知足,互相體諒各人的優點和缺點。


English translation:

Speaking of the ideal type, my most ideal appearance is that the figure is neither thin nor fat. The body height is not short, and not as tall as me. I don't want her to be as perfect as a star, and I also don't want the one that looks particularly strange. I think that's enough for me. In addition to the body stature, there is also a pair of very eye-catching eyes. That's the kind of feeling that I was knocked down by her eyes, that I couldn't divert my sight for a moment.

In terms of personality, I feel that people with gentle personality and who are not easy to get angry are more suitable for me. I don't really want the one who is too docile and clingy, because I think we still have to have our own life. This way will not bother me all the time, and will not always ask me to accompany her during my spare time. I really want to find the other half that is considerate and understanding, to cross the rest of our lives together.

However, the most important thing is to see if the two sides are getting along well or not. There are some people, in order to find a "better one", accommodating oneself to the current partner and started "looking for a horse while riding a donkey". During our life, we may not be able to fulfill our ideal; your current half may be the best gift of your life. Therefore, we must be content with each other and understand each other's strengths and weaknesses.

Special notes:

  • 外貌 - wàimào - appearance
  • 身形 - shēn xíng - figure (esp a woman's)
  • 撼動 - hàndòng - shake
  • 眼光 - yǎnguāng - eye
  • 目光 - mùguāng - gaze, look
  • 溫順 - wēnshùn - docile, saying yes to everything
  • 黏人 - nián rén - stick to a person
  • 閒暇 - xiánxiá - leisure
  • 嚮往 - xiàngwǎng - yearn for, look forward to
  • 體貼 - tǐtiē - thoughtful, considerate
  • 善解人意 - shàn jiě rényì - [idiom] good at understanding others
  • 有生之年 - yǒushēngzhīnián - [idiom] one's remaining years
  • 騎驢找馬 - qí lǘ zhǎo mǎ - [idiom] to look for a horse while riding a donkey
  • 知足 - zhīzú - to content with one's condition

Photo by Pim Chu


  1. 罗克
    January 14, 2019

    I think “sticky” here would better translate to “clingy” in this context. Colloquially, clingy means someone who is attached to their partner to such a degree as to be annoying, to be stifling the freedom of their partner with their constant attention.

    Just a suggestion from a native English speaker. Thank you very much for your wonderful website. I am enjoying the readings very much.
    Best regards

    1. Chinese Readers' Guild
      January 14, 2019

      Thank you for your suggestion! The translation has been revised now! XD


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