The story of Daming

The Story of Daming

Daming has a bad day. Recently there is an accident near Daming's house. While he is not involved in the accident, the accident troubles him in another way.

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English translation:

There was an accident near the house opposite Daming ’s. The police were checking the people in the area. Daming was also checked by the police, so he was a little bit slow in getting to work this week.

Daming’s boss was not happy when he heard this. He took a pen out and wrote a letter to Daming. After Daming read it, he became very anxious. He knew that the boss had always been a very strange person, but he had not expected the boss to tell him, “don’t come to work tomorrow”. He had no choice but to gather up his things: pens, photos, laptop, etc., and ride home.

Finding this out made Daming really confused. How should he tell his wife? Did he lose the boss’ important things? But lying is wrong. He kept thinking, without realizing that there was a truck passing by. He hit the truck. After his truck was hit, the driver stopped. The driver found that the truck was not damaged, but Daming had fallen unconscious, so he called the hospital. Lots of people were watching from the side of the road.

Later, the ambulance came. The driver took Daming’s things to the nurse. He also used Daming’s mobile phone to tell Daming’s relatives about Daming’s current condition.

Special notes:

  • 警察 - jǐng chá - police
  • 著急 - zhāo jí - anxious
  • 筆電 - bǐ diàn - laptop
  • 糊塗 - hú tú - confused
  • 說謊話 - shuō huǎng huà - telling lies
  • 暈倒 - yūn dǎo - faint, fell unconscious

Picture took from Eric H. Woods Law 

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