World’s Most Expensive Beef Noodle Soup

World's Most Expensive Beef Noodle Soup

In a city where a bowl of noodles doesn’t usually cost more than TWD100, or $6, a shop in Taipei has been charging TWD10,000, or $325, for its beef noodle soup — and diners are happily paying for it.

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English translation:

Beef noodle is definitely one of Taiwan’s popular cuisines. The world’s most expensive beef noodle is also in Taiwan; Taiwan’s famous “Niubaba Beef Noodle”, asking for NT$10,000 (about 325 US dollars), attracted CNN media coverage.

Founded in 1990, “Niubaba Beef Noodle” is located in Taipei City. The founder was originally a Canadian overseas Chinese. When he returned to Taiwan at the age of 40, he opened the beef noodle shop, which is famous for its expensiveness. This beef noodle shop offers 8 kinds of beef noodles, the most famous of which is the “Head of Beef Noodles” of NT$10,000 (about US$325).

Because the boss insists on good quality, even though the price is very costly, the number of consumers still increase. The boss also chose a small place and said, “If there are too many guests, we are unlikely to make the taste of each bowl of beef noodles perfect. Instead of looking for more, we are more focused on quality.”

The boss said that the initial business was not so smooth. He said: “At the time, our beef noodle taste did not seem to be appetizing for Taiwanese people. The business was not good. Just 11 days later, my father’s business partner immediately withdrew.” But his father kept researching, in order to make the whole the best beef noodle in the world. Finally, his beef noodles became the most expensive beef noodle in the world.

Do you want to try (eating)? The boss suggested that you need to book 2 days before.

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