Hong Kong Extradition Law Protest: What Is Extradition Law? And Why Hong Kong People Get Furious Over The Amendment?

What Is Extradition Law

On Sunday, roughly 2 million people demonstrated in Hong Kong against amendments to an extradition law that would allow a person arrested in Hong Kong to face trial elsewhere. Why Hong Kong people get furious over the amendment?

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English translation:

In short, this amendment to the “Extradition Law” allows Hong Kong to send escaped criminals to other places. At present, Hong Kong’s Extradition Law can only send fugitives to 20 countries, excluding Mainland China, Macau, and Taiwan. If this regulation is successfully modified, then this restriction will be gone.

The amendment of the “Extradition Law” is very terrifying for Hong Kong people, because if the regulations are successfully amended, those arrested in Hong Kong will be allowed to be sent to Mainland China for trial. In the eyes of Hong Kong people, this is a major policy shift.

After Hong Kong was handed over to mainland China in 1997, the Basic Law was the cornerstone of Hong Kong law. However, the Beijing government has been increasing its influence in Hong Kong. Beijing has repeatedly criticized Hong Kong for its anti-Beijing central government, demanding democracy, and the tradition of protest demonstrations.

After Xi Jinping took office, the Chinese government further strengthened its suppression on different opinions. Hong Kong, which has a long tradition of protest demonstrations and a large number of pro-democracy people, will also become a target. Hong Kong people feel that the recent “Beijing pressure” is getting bigger and bigger, and the Basic Law has been gradually eroded and weakened.

The protest against the “Extradition Law” this time can also be said to be a scaled-up expression of Hong Kong people’s fear of the erosion of freedom, anger against Beijing’s interference, and dissatisfaction with the government’s lack of action.

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