The Zero Score Challenge – Part 1

The Zero Score Challenge

A dad is challenging his son to score zero points for him. Will his son succeed in completing this easy feat?

This article will have vocabularies about “classroom things” such as “exam” and “score”. The harder term here is 打個賭, which is an expansion of the verb-object 打賭. 打賭 means “to bet” and 打個賭 means “make a bet”. The story is quite long for an intermediate student, therefore we made it into two parts.

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(to be continued)

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(to be continued)


English translation:

I used to be a very well-behaved child. But after entering middle school, I began to rebel and became a child who is a headache for the teacher: naughty, hate studying, and love to daydream. When I went to class every day, the first thing I thought of is when the class is over. Therefore, my grades were very bad, and I always got a “C”.

Dad finally talked to me. My mood was starting to get worse. He smiled at me and said, “I heard that your recent grades are all C, is this true?”

“Yes, you see, there are a lot of people who, although they have not graduated, will still succeed. The score of full marks does not mean success.”

“You said like that, you mean that the lower the score, the more successful people will be? But you have never got zero points, it is C every time.” Dad laughed. My dad unexpectedly laughed at me because I did not get zero points? I drank a glass of water and whispered, “Dad, do you expect me to give you a zero point for you to see?”

Dad smiled again: “Okay, let’s make a bet. If you take a zero score, then I won’t bother you with your academic studies again. However, if you don’t score zero, you must listen to my words, and study diligently according to my rule, how about it?”

Is my father the most stupid father in the world?

“But, because this is a “test”, the exam paper must be answered completely, and you can’t leave the question unanswered. If that’s the case, you lose, okay?” I promised: “Okay.”

(to be continued)

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