The Little Elephant Who Wants to Fly

The Little Elephant Who Wants to Fly

This is a story of a little elephant learning a valuable lesson in life.

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English translation:

The little elephant came to the river with his mother and saw a small bird flying in the sky. The little elephant thought: "If I can fly, see more things, how good!" The little elephant climbed to the tree to learn to fly. Soon after, there was an "ouch" sound. The little elephant fell heavily to the ground.

The monkey saw and said, "Little elephant, we have our own skills. I can't fly, but I can jump around the tree." The lion said, "I can't fly, but I can jump the river."

Mom said to the little elephant: "We elephants have a big strength, this is the thing that bird cannot compare." The fish in the river also said: "I can swim, but I can not jump around the tree, nor can I move the large wood!"

The little elephant understood. It used its long nose and with one hook, the large wood moved away.

Special notes:

  • 飛來飛去 - fēi lái fēi qù - fly around
  • 不久之後 - bùjiǔ zhīhòu - soon after
  • 跳來跳去 - tiào lái tiào qù - jump around

The photo is taken from here.  

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