The Blood I Donated Saved My Future Wife

The Blood I Donated Saved My Future Wife

What if the things you donate can actually affect your destiny? This true story may make you more eager to donate blood; maybe the blood can rescue your future partner!

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林女当年获大量输血救回一命后,曾多次到医院与捐血中心打听,但碍于个资法,只得知捐血者姓「连」,当时心想:该不会就是正在交往的男友吧!于是马上念出男友的身份证号码,连院方也吓了一跳,林女就这样确定当年的救命恩人,就是连姓男友。如今,「你血中有我,我血中有你」 ,要分也分不开。

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林女當年獲大量輸血救回一命後,曾多次到醫院與捐血中心打聽,但礙於個資法,只得知捐血者姓「連」,當時心想:該不會就是正在交往的男友吧!於是馬上念出男友的身份證號碼,連院方也嚇了一跳,林女就這樣確定當年的救命恩人,就是連姓男友。如今,「你血中有我,我血中有你」 ,要分也分不開。


English translation:

Marriage is destined! A female surnamed Lin had once received a large amount of blood donation from a good-hearted person, saving her life. It is not expected that after 9 years, the savior was the future husband.

Lin female fell into a coma 9 years ago due to a lot of blood loss. At that time, she received more than 10 bags of blood and 2 bags of platelets, saving her life. She recalled fondly, that if it were not because of a kind person donated his blood and platelets to her, maybe she is no longer alive.

According to Facebook’s reposting report, Lin has always been grateful for her years. She always wanted to know who the good-hearted person was, especially the “platelets”, which only a few people could donate, making her want to find this savior much more.

Two years ago, Lin returned to Hsinchu to take over her family business, and happened to meet her current 10-years-older boyfriend surnamed Lian. One day, she saw a lot of piggy bank from the blood donation center in her boyfriend’s house. After the chat, she realized that her boyfriend had fixed blood donation every three months since he was 20 years old.

Lin also mentioned to her boyfriend that she received a large amount of blood transfusion and platelet years ago. After listening to her talk, the boyfriend joked: “You are not using my blood, are you?”

During the year after she received a large number of blood transfusions and saving her life, Lin had visited the hospital and the blood donation center many times. However, due to the Personal Data Protection Law, she only learned that the blood donor’s surname was “Lian”. At that time, she thought: It would not be her current boyfriend, would it! So she immediately read her boyfriend’s ID number, and even the hospital staff was shocked. Lin is now assured that the one who rescued her life, is her boyfriend. Now, “you have me in your blood, I have you in my blood”, cannot be separated.

Special notes:

  • 救回 – jiù huí – rescued (someone’s life from death)
  • 救命恩人 – jiùmìng ēnrén – savior; benefactor; the one who rescued someone’s life
  • 因緣 – yīnyuán – because of fate. The Chinese culture believes that our life is predestined, therefore there are many words that are related to fate (緣)
  • 個資法 – gè zī fǎ – Personal Data Protection Law

The news is taken from here.  The photo is taken from here.  

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