The Life of Doctors and Nurses in Wuhan during the Coronavirus Outbreak

The Life of Doctors and Nurses in Wuhan during the Coronavirus Outbreak

The viruses are all around you.

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English Translation

The viruses are all around you.

Because of the novel coronavirus, many people in China have fallen ill.

There are really many patients in the hospitals.

Since there are really many patients in the hospitals, doctors and nurses also got a lot of work.

This virus is very scary, it can spread, so doctors and nurses are all wearing protective clothing. They also need to wear surgical masks and protective glasses.

Their work is really tiring. Every day, they need to put on thick protective clothing, since the virus can spread. Every day, they also need to listen to the worries of the patients. Really tiring.

The best of luck to China’s doctors and nurses!

Indonesia Translation

Karena virus corona, banyak orang di Tiongkok yang jatuh sakit.

Pasien di rumah sakit sangat banyak.

Karena pasien di rumah sakit sangat banyak, pekerjaan dokter dan perawat juga menjadi sangat banyak.

Virus ini sangat menakutkan, [karena] dapat menular, oleh karena itu, dokter dan perawat semuanya mengenakan pakaian pelindung. Mereka juga perlu memakai masker bedah dan kacamata pelindung.

Pekerjaan mereka benar-benar melelahkan. Setiap hari, mereka perlu mengenakan pakaian pelindung yang tebal, karena virus dapat menular. Setiap hari, mereka juga perlu mendengarkan rasa khawatir pasien. Sangat melelahkan.

Untuk para dokter dan perawat di Tiongkok, semangat!

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