Stranger on the Street

Stranger on the street

Here’s another Xiaolin’s story. Today, Xiaolin goes to school with his friend. They met a stranger on the way…

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我心想:他一定是坏人,骗子,不能相信他! 「叔叔,我不认识你,我们要自己去上学。」说完,我就带着我的朋友跑走了。


下学了,我告诉妈妈这件事。妈妈说:“你这样做很对,如果被他抓走,就糟糕了!明天我送你去上学吧! ”


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我心想:他一定是壞人,騙子,不能相信他! 「叔叔,我不認識你,我們要自己去上學。」說完,我就帶著我的朋友跑走了。


下學了,我告訴媽媽這件事。媽媽說:“你這樣做很對,如果被他抓走,就糟糕了!明天我送你去上學吧! ”



English translation:

Today, I went to school with my friends. On the way, we met a stranger.

“My friend, my friend, are you going to school? Would you like me to send you? I am your father’s friend. My car is over there.”

My friend heard a car and was very happy. He said, “Yes!”

I thought to myself: He must be a bad person, a liar, can’t believe him! “Uncle, I don’t know you, we have to go to school ourselves.” After that, I ran away with my friend.

We arrived at the school. My friend is angry towards me, asking why didn’t we go to his car. I asked him, “Don’t you think that person is very strange?” My friend thought about it and said, “You are right.”

After school, I told my mother about it. Mom said: “You are doing the right thing. If you are taken away by him, it will be terrible! I will send you to school tomorrow!”

The day is over, but I have grown a lot.

Special notes:

  • 上學 – shàng xué – go to school
  • 下學 – xià xué – finish class and leave school
  • 抓走 – zhuā zǒu – taken (kidnapped) away

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