Should You Eat Anti-Fever Drugs When You Have A Fever?

Should You Eat Anti-Fever Drugs When You Have A Fever?

Having a fever feels horrible and chances are you will try to bring your temperature down – such as using anti-fever drugs (antipyretics). But do you actually need to treat a fever?

This article has many vocabularies that are related to sickness, especially fever. The grammar part is not really complex, but the new vocabularies may feel intimidating at first, as most Chinese learners only know the word 感冒 until the advanced stage in Chinese learning.

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English translation:

The weather has become colder, and the number of people with colds and fever has increased. However, many people have doubts about how many degrees of fever before they can take anti-fever drugs. The Food and Drug Administration emphasizes that once a fever exceeds 38.5 degrees, adults can take anti-fever drugs, and young children should go to the doctor as soon as possible.

The Food and Drug Administration said that there are three stages of fever, such as cold period, fever period and heat dissipation period. They explained that during the cold period, the body temperature will continue to rise, and the hands and feet will be cold and even trembling to produce heat. At this time, you should pay attention to keeping yourself warm.

During the fever period, the body temperature is already high, and your breathing and heartbeat may be faster, and it is also easier to get tired. During this period, you should drink plenty of water and rest more. If the body temperature exceeds 38.5 degrees, adults can take anti-fever drugs. If the high fever does not get better in 2 days, you should go to the doctor.

Young children’s ability to express discomfort is weak. So if you find that the fever is more than 38.5 degrees, you should go to the doctor. If you don’t get better within 2 days, you need to see the doctor again, and you need more detailed examination and treatment.

In the third stage of heat dissipation, the body temperature will drop and the body will sweat a lot, so you should drink plenty of water. If the clothes are wet with sweat, you should change them quickly.

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