Seven Dead After A Plane Collided With A Helicopter Midair In Spain

Seven people were killed Sunday when a helicopter and a small plane collided in the air above the Spanish island of Mallorca, authorities said.

Simplified Chinese


这架直升机由私人公司运营,载有5人, 包括一名意大利籍飞行员以及一对德国夫妇和两个孩子。另一架轻型飞机载有两名西班牙人。目前事故的原因正在调查中。


Traditional Chinese


這架直升機由私人公司運營,載有5人, 包括一名意大利籍飛行員以及一對德國夫婦和兩個孩子。另一架輕型飛機載有兩名西班牙人。目前事故的原因正在調查中。


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English Translation

At 19:30 Beijing time, a helicopter and a light aircraft crashed while flying over Mallorca, Spain, killing all seven passengers of the two aircraft. As can be seen from the published picture, the wreckage of the plane was scattered on the ground.

The helicopter was operated by a private company and carried five people, including an Italian pilot and a German couple and two children. Another light aircraft carried two Spanish people. The cause of the current accident was under investigation.

Mallorca is the largest island in the Balearic Islands of Spain, located in the western Mediterranean. There is a significant increase in helicopter tours and private custom flight services every summer.

Indonesia Translation

Pada pukul 19:30 waktu Beijing, sebuah helikopter dan sebuah pesawat ringan jatuh ketika terbang di atas Mallorca, Spanyol, menewaskan ketujuh penumpang dari dua pesawat itu. Seperti dapat dilihat dari gambar yang dipublikasikan, puing-puing pesawat berserakan di tanah.

Helikopter itu dioperasikan oleh perusahaan swasta dan mengangkut lima orang, termasuk seorang pilot Italia dan pasangan Jerman serta dua anak. Pesawat ringan lain membawa dua orang Spanyol. Penyebab kecelakaan saat ini sedang diselidiki.

Mallorca adalah pulau terbesar di Kepulauan Balearic Spanyol, yang terletak di Mediterania barat. Ada peningkatan yang signifikan dalam tur helikopter dan layanan penerbangan khusus pribadi setiap musim panas.

Photo source here.

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