Man in India Dies During Challenge to Eat 50 Eggs

They agreed on 50-egg challenge to settle argument.

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English Translation

Recently there was a man in India. He is 42 years old this year.

One day, he went to the market with his friends. They quarreled in the market.

Then they bet each other, stating that anyone who can eat 50 eggs will win 22 rupees.

The man then started eating. He had already eaten 41 eggs. However, when he was eating the 42nd egg, he suddenly fell unconscious. He was immediately taken to the hospital. After a few hours, he passed away.

The doctor said that his death was caused by overeating.

This news reminds us that we should not overeat.

Indonesia Translation

Baru-baru ini ada seorang pria di India. Tahun ini dia berusia 42 tahun.

Suatu hari, dia pergi ke pasar bersama temannya. Mereka bertengkar di pasar.

Kemudian mereka bertaruh satu sama lain, dengan menyatakan bahwa orang yang dapat memakan 50 butir telur akan memenangkan 22 rupee.

Pria itu pun mulai makan. Dia sudah memakan 41 butir telur. Namun, ketika dia memakan telur ke-42, dia tiba-tiba jatuh pingsan. Dia segera dibawa ke rumah sakit. Beberapa jam kemudian, dia meninggal.

Dokter mengatakan bahwa kematiannya disebabkan oleh makan berlebihan.

Berita ini mengingatkan kita bahwa kita tidak boleh makan berlebihan.

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