Jack Ma Endorses China’s Controversial “996” Work Culture

Jack Ma Endorses China's Controversial 996 Work Culture

Jack Ma, the founder of e-commerce giant Alibaba, has spoken out on social media in recent days in support of the Chinese work practice known as "996." The number refers to working from 9 am to 9 pm six days a week and is said to be common among the country's big technology companies and start-ups.

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4月14日消息,近日马云在其个人微博上发布了自己对996 工作制的看法,他表示如果你选择通过努力奋斗来赢得自己的幸福和成功,那么「公司能够996 是我们这些人修来的福」,加入阿里,就要做好一天工作12 小时的准备。

很多网友评价表示,马云做为一个公众人物,很多中小企业都把马云做为奋斗的目标,如今却说出这种违反国家劳动规定的话。这会导致中小企业认为996 是对的,因为马云都对996 工作制表示支持了。

马云的言论让很多网友非常不满,有人奉劝马云不要卷入这样的「不正确」话题。这话题不讨人喜欢,同时还展示了「资本家的獠牙面目」,因为企业强制996 的做法是为了让员工价值最大化,有违国家劳动规定。


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4月14日消息,近日馬雲在其個人微博上發布了自己對996 工作制的看法,他表示如果你選擇通過努力奮鬥來贏得自己的幸福和成功,那麼「公司能夠996 是我們這些人修來的福」,加入阿里,就要做好一天工作12 小時的準備。

很多網友評價表示,馬雲做為一個公眾人物,很多中小企業都把馬雲做為奮鬥的目標,如今卻說出這種違反國家勞動規定的話。這會導致中小企業認為996 是對的,因為馬雲都對996 工作製表示支持了。

馬雲的言論讓很多網友非常不滿,有人奉勸馬雲不要捲入這樣的「不正確」話題。這話題不討人喜歡,同時還展示了「資本家的獠牙面目」,因為企業強制996 的做法是為了讓員工價值最大化,有違國家勞動規定。



English translation:

On April 14th, Ma Yun recently posted his opinion on the 996 working system on his personal Weibo. He said that if you choose to work hard to win your happiness and success, then "it is a huge blessing that we can work 996". Joining Alibaba, you must be ready to work 12 hours a day.

Many netizens commented that Ma Yun as a public figure, many small and medium-sized enterprises have taken Ma Yun as the goal of struggle, but now he said a thing that violates the national labor regulations. This will cause SMEs to think that 996 is right, because Ma Yun has expressed support for the 996 working system.

Ma Yun’s remarks made many netizens very dissatisfied. Some people advised Ma to not be involved in such a “wrong” topic. This topic is unpleasant, and also shows "the fangs of the capitalists", because the enterprise enforces 996 in order to maximize the value of employees and violates national labor regulations.

Ma Yun believes that the real 996 is not a simple overtime work, not a monotonous physical activity, and has nothing to do with exploitation, because people are not stupid now, and there are many opportunities to choose. "I think the real 996 should be spending time on learning, thinking and self-improvement. Those who can stick to 996 must have found their passion and found something other than money. They enjoy the path of learning, thinking, and exploring outside of eight hours. Finding out our own happiness at work is a blessing. The people who work 996 only for the overtime salary will not last long."

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