Is Being Single Bad? – 單身不好嗎?

Is Being Single Bad?

With Valentine’s Day today, it seems that it is a sin to be single, but really, is it not good being single?

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English translation:

Does being with someone really make someone happier? The answer is not necessarily. Past research shows that it is not just finding someone to accompany you will get you happiness, but “the relationship that makes you happy” it the one that gives you happiness. The important thing is not whether there is a companion around, but whether he/she can accompany you effectively. If you are in a sad or fear condition, he/she is not by your side, if he/she treats you coldly when you need comfort and care, then you are only in a fake love shell, deceiving your own self day after day.

Although a person has one-person loneliness, two people still have the loneliness of two people. If the one who is by your side can’t listen to you, look after you, to give you care, then this relationship is not only in the lack of gentleness, but also make you feel more helpless and lonely.

Do you realize it? What really dominates our lonely feelings is not one person or two people, but your feelings about your present life; is it enough after all? If he/she can’t give you more, you have to learn to give yourself a little more maturity. That’s right, love won’t go back for a second, but you can choose to spend a few hours to make yourself better.

Special notes:

  • 足夠 – zúgòu – enough

Article is rewritten from here, to suit the level of the Chinese reader. The photo is taken from here.  


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