I Do Not Like Sports

I Do Not Like Sports

I don’t understand why some people like sports?

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我不明白為什麼會有些人喜歡運動? 足球,籃球,網球,羽毛球等運動,我不知道為什麼有很多人喜歡這些運動。 他們追一個球,但得了球以後他們扔掉或踢掉那個球,他們到底要做什麼?

然後,健身,你為什麼要舉起沉重的東西? 生活已經很辛苦了,你為什麼要讓生活更辛苦? 你說運動會讓我們的身體更健康,那告訴我,如果你在運動時受傷,那也還算是更健康嗎?如果你的傷勢很重,那你一輩子可能要坐在輪椅上了。



English translation:

I don’t understand why some people like sports? Football, basketball, tennis, badminton, etc. I don’t know why many people like these sports. They chase a ball, but after they get the ball they throw or kick the ball, what do they want to do actually?

Then, fitness, why do you want to lift heavy things? Life has been very hard, why do you want to make life harder? You said that exercise will make our body healthier. Tell me, if you are injured during exercise, is it still healthier? If your injury is very heavy, you may have to be in a wheelchair for the rest of your life.

Ai, the world is really weird.

Special notes:

  • 傷勢 – shāngshì – The condition of an injury

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