First Time Skiing

First Time Skiing

How it feels like to ski? This article will tell a story about a kid who just had his first-time experience skiing.

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English translation:

That was in the winter of last year, my father said to me: “Son, we are going to ski.” I am very happy because I can finally learn to ski.

We came to the ski resort by car. When I got out of the car, I immediately wanted to go skiing, but my father told me: “Now we can’t ski, we have to wear snowshoes first.” We went to wear snowshoes.

Wearing snowshoes, we went to the ski resort. Dad taught me to ski, but because this is my first time skiing, I often slipped. Dad saw that I often slipped, laughed very happily.

I slipped a few more times, and found that I was getting better and better, feeling that skiing was getting more and more fun. I am very happy and shouted: “I finally learned to ski!”

Special notes:

  • 滑雪場 – huáxuě chǎng – skiing place
  • 雪鞋 – xuě xié – snowshoes
  • 滑倒 – huá dǎo – fell (slippery)

The photo is taken from here.   

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