Chinese Idiom Story – Zuo Huai Bu Luan

Chinese Idiom Story Zuo Huai Bu Luan

For the male readers in here, what would you do if a woman sits on your lap for a whole night? We will not discuss the reaction after that, but in China culture, there is an idiom related to this: 坐懷不亂.









English translation:

When we are speaking the idiom 坐懷不亂, everyone will think of Liu Xiahui. Liu Xiahui is a very famous man-of-virtue in ancient China. Why is he famous? We need to start from his story of 坐懷不亂.

The story is like this, one night it rained heavily. Liu Xiahui, who has just gone out to visit friends, can only find a place to shelter from the rain. Just after there was a broken temple nearby, he went in. Soon a woman came in, and the two were not speaking to each other. The rain kept going, and the two laid down to sleep.

As a result, the girl was awake in the middle of the night because of the cold, and asked to sit in the Liu Xiahui's embrace, to warm oneself by hugging each other. Liu Xiahui disagreed at first, saying that it is not inappropriate already for a lonely man and a widowed woman to live together in a room in the middle of the night, and it will be much more scandalous if we are hugging each other. The woman said: "You can hold me with a clean and pure mind. If I fall ill, no one will take care of my old mother at home." Liu Xiahui finally let her sit in his arms, covering her with clothes, and they sleep steadily until dawn.

Later, this incident spread, everyone respected him, and called "Liu Xiahui 坐懷不亂 (Even though Liu Xiahui has a woman sitting in his arms, he does not mess around)"!

Special notes:

  • 坐懷不亂 - zuòhuáibùluàn - [idiom] does not mess around even though there is someone sitting on his lap (used to describe a man with good morale)
  • 相對無言 - xiāngduìwúyán - [idiom] face each other but not saying a single word

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