A “Tsunami” Hit Chinese Water Park: 44 People Were Injured

A "Tsunami" Hit Chinese Water Park: 44 People Were Injured

A Chinese water park has shut down its "tsunami pool" after the machine failure created a "real tsunami", injuring many swimmers.












In the summer, many people will decide to bring their children or friends to the water park. But when going to the water park, in addition to sunscreen, we also need to pay attention to safety.

A terrible thing happened in a water park in China recently. The waves in the wave pool caused a 「tsunami」 due to machine failure.

Originally, a large group of swimmers was playing on the water, waiting for the waves, but who would have thought that it was not ordinary waves, it was a huge wave! They couldn't escape, and they were washed away by the waves and drowned. Many people were screaming. An amusement park had become a disaster. However, fortunately, the injury to the swimmers was not serious.

Some people thought this was because of 「setting errors」, but the park staff said it was because of a machine failure.

This water park is in Jilin Province. Also, the pool name of the park is called 「Tsunami Pool」. Who thinks there will be a 「tsunami」for real!

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