Xiaolin Caught a Cold

A male Chinese man is sleeping while catching cold and breathing

Today, Xiaolin did not attend class. The teacher said that Xiaolin caught a cold. Xiaolin's friend then planned to visit him after the class.









English translation:

Today, Xiaolin did not attend class. The teacher said that Xiaolin is sick, so he can't attend the class. Xiaolin’s classmates were a little worried and wanted to go to Xiaolin's home after class today.

After class, Xiaolin’s three good friends went to Xiaolin’s home. Xiaolin's home is a little far from the school. It’s about a half hour, but the weather is not hot, so it’s okay. When they arrived at Xiaolin’s home, they knocked on the door. Xiaolin's mother opened them. Seeing Xiaolin’s friends care so much about Xiaolin makes her very happy. Xiaolin's mother asked them to come in.

They went to Xiaolin's room together. Xiaolin is still asleep. Xiaolin's friend didn’t want to wake him up and slowly close the door. After closing the door, they went into the living room, and Xiaolin's mother went to make the tea. She said that in fact, Xiaolin's cold is not serious. He also caught a cold because he did not listen to his mother. Mother told him to wear clothes at night, but when she woke him up this morning, Xiaolin did not wear clothes, so he caught a cold. Xiaolin’s friend laughed at the story told by his mother.

Xiaolin's "caught a cold“ story may turn into a day’s joke tomorrow.

Special notes:

  • 敲 - qiāo - knock
  • 醒來 - xǐng lái - to be awaken
  • 泡茶 - pào chá - make tea
  • 嚴重 - yán zhòng - serious, severe, critical
  • 叫醒 - jiào xǐng - to wake (somebody)

Picture was taken from The Rakyat Post


  1. Tv
    January 8, 2019

    It’s so helpful to me but I use bad grammar. It will be so wonderful if you make a topic about grammar. (I know chineseREADersguild, but so many grammar I do not understand why). Thank you so much.
    Your blog so helpful to me!

    1. Chinese Readers' Guild
      January 10, 2019


      Thank you for your kind words! For the grammar part, it is unfortunate that we currently do not have any, but there are plenty of websites that can teach you grammar~ You can try https://ninchanese.com/chinese-grammar-lessons/ or https://www.chineseboost.com/grammar/beginners-basic-chinese-grammar/ and check if this is the kind of grammar lesson you want XD

      However, if you have any questions about the article, you can directly ask us!


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