Visiting Indonesia’s Blue Fire Volcano, Kawah Ijen

Visiting Indonesia's Blue Fire Volcano, Kawah Ijen

Indonesia has a great number of volcanoes in the world. However, there is one volcano that has a reputation that surpasses all others in terms of color. Indonesia’s Kawah Ijen volcano, otherwise known as the blue volcano. It spews out blue lava thanks to its incredibly high levels of sulfur.

This article will have basic vocabularies about “mountains” and “sunrise”. Most of the words are repetitive, therefore it will be easier for you to memorize the new terms.

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English translation:

When it comes to volcanoes, you will definitely think of “red.” But Indonesia has a volcano. The volcanic fire is not red, it is blue. This blue fire volcano is in Indonesia.

This “blue fire” can only be seen at night. You have to climb from three o’clock in the evening. After climbing for an hour and a half to the top of the mountain, you still need 40 minutes to walk down to the mountain pass. When you get to the mountain pass, you will see a very beautiful blue fire.

In addition to seeing “Blue Fire”, you can also watch the sunrise. The sunrise here is also very beautiful.

If you want to see this “blue fire”, your body should be healthy. Before climbing a mountain, you have to eat first. You also need to wear a jacket because it will be cold when climbing.

You may also need to wear a mask because the volcanic sulfur smell is very heavy.

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