The Success Diary

The Success Diary

The Success Diary is a series that speaks about people's accomplishments in life. The first of the series starts with a new entrepreneur in Taiwan's beauty industry.

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English translation:

When I was 18 years old and officially went out of society, my first job was in the service industry. I remember the time I went to the company on the first day. The manager took me to introduce all the colleagues in the office. Some of them had a very disdainful expression, and some of them are even reluctant to give name cards to me. "This kid is so young, he must be leaving soon." This sentence is obviously written on their faces.

When I came home at the end of the night, I told myself that I will make you all astounded. From that day, I went out in the morning and went home in the middle of the night, every day. I worked very hard to visit the customers. In the third month of my employment, I was fortunate to win the full-service sales performance and became famous. "The youngest company in the company, but it is the sales champion" has become a topic of discussion.

In the process of doing business, I also established more and wider connections, got better opportunities, stumbled all the way, constantly learning in mistakes, and finally walked into the current me.

What I want to express is that, after I went out to society for about five years, because of this momentum, I have experienced very rich work experience. I was once underestimated, and once also had the fate of being "selected", but I have always maintained that "I must be able to do better" kind of attitude.

I am not good enough now, and I am still a long way from the goal, but I am starting to have the right to choose. The people who looked down on me, the people who refused me, or the opportunities that I felt were out of reach, they are all gradually coming back contacting me.

I think that in the future, whether it is success or failure, as long as I maintain my original enthusiasm and attitude, I will be only able to move forward, and will not stand still.

The diary is taken from here, and revised to suit the reader's difficulty. Photo is taken from here.  

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