The Loneliest Whale in the World

The Loneliest Whale in the World

For 24 years, researchers have been tracking the migration of a whale which has a unique sonic signature – so unique that it appears to have never found a mate. It calls at a frequency of 52 hertz, a much higher frequency than the vocalizations of most whales. Therefore, it has been described as the world’s loneliest whale.

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English translation:

In 1989, scientists discovered a baleen whale with a voice frequency like no other. Since discovered, it has been alone and been ignored by its peers.

A panel of marine biologists from the US initiated to track it and record its voice since 1992.

These marine biologists discovered this lonely whale when they analyzed the US Navy’s record of tracking enemy submarines. They found it roaming back and forth in the northern Pacific Ocean since 1992. The most surprising thing is it sounds at a frequency of about 52 Hz, which is significantly different from others. So far, whales’ voice frequencies that humans have discovered are within 15 to 20 Hz. Furthermore, they claimed the voice could be identified as the vibration of the whale’s baleen, but its frequency was totally different from the ones of various whales in the ocean.

Over the years, it has had no friends and relatives. No one heard its singing, and no one noticed its sadness.

A netizen associated it with a sour and bitter relationship and said that “If one day the whale can meet another one which has an abnormal frequency as well, then that can be the most romantic love in the world. This so-called love is when your frequencies match in the crowd. Only you can hear mutual words and walk into each other’s hearts.” Furthermore, someone suggested the whale should have surgery to adjust the frequency it is creating.

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