The Innocent Xiao Ming

The Innocent Xiao Ming

Why is Xiao Ming crying? This simple short story will cover some of the most basic vocabularies that are useful for beginners.

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English translation:

Mom just bought a pair of new shoes for Xiao Ming. Xiao Ming put on the shoes to see. The puppy at home ran over and licked Xiao Ming’s shoes.

Xiao Ming, who was just 4 years old, looked at his puppy licking his shoes and felt curious. Does the puppy want to wear shoes too? The innocent Xiao Ming asked the dog: “Doggy, do you want to wear my shoes?”

Although the puppy did not react, Xiao Ming felt that the puppy wanted to wear his shoes, so he took off his shoes and put them on the puppy’s front feet.

The puppy, being have worn the shoes, was surprised and ran away. Xiao Ming saw the puppy running away and cried. Mother heard Xiao Ming’s cry and ran over. She had not yet arrived in Xiao Ming’s room but saw the puppy wearing a pair of shoes.

“Ah, I think I know why Xiao Ming cried.”

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