The Darkest Day in New Zealand: 2 Mosques Were Fired, 49 Dead and 20 Seriously Injured

The Darkest Day in New Zealand

15th of March, 2019 – Forty-nine people have been killed and 20 wounded in shootings at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, in the nation’s deadliest attack.

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根据「纽西兰前锋报」(New Zealand Herald)报导,枪手是28岁、澳洲出生的男子塔伦(Brenton Tarrant)。

警察调查发现,塔伦的旅行车前座和后车箱放有大量武器、弹药,以及汽油罐。他拿着至少一把步枪,进入清真寺后开始扫射。报导说,这恐怖攻击造成7个人死于林伍德清真寺(Linwood),41个人死于努尔清真寺(Al Noor),1个人是送医不治。


纽西兰伊斯兰协会(Islamic Associations of New Zealand)的领导说:「我们在世界最安全的国家生活,从来没想到会发生这种事」。

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根據「紐西蘭前鋒報」(New Zealand Herald)報導,槍手是28歲、澳洲出生的男子塔倫(Brenton Tarrant)。

警察調查發現,塔倫的旅行車前座和後車箱放有大量武器、彈藥,以及汽油罐。他拿著至少一把步槍,進入清真寺後開始掃射。報導說,這恐怖攻擊造成7個人死於林伍德清真寺(Linwood),41個人死於努爾清真寺(Al Noor),1個人是送醫不治。


紐西蘭伊斯蘭協會(Islamic Associations of New Zealand)的領導說:「我們在世界最安全的國家生活,從來沒想到會發生這種事」。


English translation:

Today in New Zealand, there have been big incidents in two mosques, at least 49 deaths and 20 serious injuries. Prime Minister Arden described this as the “darkest day” in New Zealand and called it a terrorist attack.

According to the New Zealand Herald, the gunman is a 28-year-old Australian-born man, Brenton Tarrant.

Police investigations revealed that Tarrant’s front and rear wagons contained a large number of weapons, ammunition, and petrol cans. He took at least one rifle and entered the mosque and began to shoot. The report said that the terrorist attack killed seven people in Linwood, 41 people in Al Noor, and one person died after being sent to the hospital.

At present, the police have arrested 4 people, 3 men and 1 woman.

The leader of the Islamic Associations of New Zealand said: “We live in the safest countries in the world and never thought that this would happen.”

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