Girl In China Dies Choking On Bubble Tea Pearls

Girl In China Dies Choking On Bubble Tea Pearls

A 19-year-old girl in China has died after choking on her bubble tea, as a result of three boba getting stuck in her windpipe.

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English translation:

Pearl milk tea is the best drink in the world for some people. But you need to be careful when drinking pearl milk tea. If you are not careful, you may choke to death.

Recently, there was a girl in China who drank pearl milk tea too quickly. She accidentally sucked three pearls directly into the windpipe and could not breathe. Her friend took her to the hospital, but she passed away in the emergency room.

Experts say that the boba in the pearl milk tea has a soft round texture and is easy to suck. The big-sized boba can even completely block the windpipe, causing choking. So when you drink pearl milk tea, be careful not to suck the boba too hard.

You can also avoid using straws to suck boba. This is the safest way because it reduces the chances of them being sucked into the windpipe.

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