Chinese Idiom Story – Zou Ma Kan Hua

Chinese Idiom Story - Zou Ma Kan Hua

This idiom is used to describe "to glance over things hurriedly" or "to do something without paying attention to its deeper meaning.". What is the relation between the meaning and the horse (and the flower)? This story will soon tell you.

This idiom story will mostly cover basic vocabularies related to daily life. There are also basic vocabularies about wedding as the story revolves around it. Note that the character 娶 is used for marrying a woman.

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English translation:

Legend has it that there is a man called Gui Liang. He wants to find a beautiful wife, but his feet have problems and could not walk normally. So he asked his friend Huahan to help him find a spouse.

At this time, there is also a girl named Ye Qing. Although she is very beautiful, she has problems with her nose and has been unable to find a spouse.

Huahan listened to the news about Ye Qing and thought, "Isn't this a good thing? Gui Liang is looking for a wife, Ye Qing is looking for a husband." But he also thought: "There is a problem with Gui Liang's feet, and Ye Qing’s nose is also problematic. This is not easy!" However, Huahan is a very intelligent person. For him, this is not a problem.

The next day, Huahan called Gui Liang to wear good-looking clothes and ride a horse, passing by Ye Qing’s house. Hua Han also asked Ye Qing to dress up, holding a rose in her hand to cover his nose. Ye Qing saw Gui Liang, who was riding a horse passing her home and immediately fell in love with Guiliang. Guiliang saw Ye Qing holding a rose, and he was very happy and wanted to marry her.

At the wedding, the groom excitedly picked up the bride's red towel, and when he looked at the bride's ugly nose, he was surprised. The bride was also surprised when she found that Gui Liang’s feet were problematic. The two remembered their first day of "riding a horse and seeing flower", laughed and said: "This is called a match made in heaven."

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