“Black Panther” Won 3 Oscar Awards

Black Panther Won 3 Awards

With the Oscar night this week, there are some memorable moments that are worth to remember, like the film Black Panther. It makes history by awarding ‘Marvel’ its first ever Oscar, even made Kevin Fitch, president of Marvel Films, shed tears in the audience seat.

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English translation:

This year’s Oscar for the first time made the Marvel movie “Black Panther” shortlisted, caught everyone’s attention. At the opening ceremony, the film won two prizes: “Best Costume Design Award” and “Best Production Design Award”. In the end, “Black Panther” also got the “Best Original Background Music”.

“Black Panther” won the “Best Costume Design Award” and “Best Art Design Award” with the beauty of Africa. Best clothing winner Ruth E. Carter said: “Wow, I won the prize. This award has come a long way. Marvel created the first black superhero, but through fashion design, we turned him into an African King.” Also, both awards were won by black winners for the first time.

Kevin Fitch, president of Marvel Films, shed tears from under the stage.

Special notes:

  • 奧斯卡 – àosīkǎ – Oscar Award
  • 漫威 – màn wēi – Marvel Studios
  • 黑豹 – hēi bào – (Film name) Black Panther
  • 入圍 – rùwéi – shortlisted
  • 露絲•E•卡特 – lù sī •E• kǎ tè – (People name) Ruth E. Carter
  • 影業 – yǐng yè – Film industry
  • 凱文費奇 – kǎi wén fèi qí – (People name) Kevin Fitch

The photo is taken from here.  

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